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Loading, Hauling & Road Maintenance with ETF equipment

  • Paid for per ton
  • No Capital Expenditure for Mine Owner
  • Long Term Contract (10 years)
  • Workshop, Technicians, Tools & Parts on site
  • More Net Mine Output, due to considerably narrower haul roads
  • Production during Rain, Snow & Fog, results in huge positive impact on the cash flow of the mine
  • Fully managed by ETF

As you noticed, the ETF trucks are totally different from the current available trucks. Our equipment is different and so is our Business Model.

We believe that capital goods such as our products should be carefully maintained in order to have the best possible Technical Availability and Productivity for the lowest cost per ton in the industry. Therefore, we decided that we would not sell but only supply our trucks under an Integrated Mining Haulage Contract where we do the loading and transportation of Overburden and Ore and the maintenance of the Haul roads.

This means for the customer that he always knows his cost per ton as we charge him a fixed amount per ton during the 10 years of the contract. He does not have to worry about operators, warrantee claims, tyres, spare parts availability and mechanics; we take care of it all. The client can concentrate on his mining activity.

In order to be able to carry out this contract properly we will build a workshop on site at the customer’s mine and do the work. It gives confidence to the client that the factory itself is taking full responsibility for the new, innovative mining solution with ETF equipment. The only issue is that we cannot do this for one or two units the minimum is six pieces of equipment.

We will establish a Special Purpose Entity (Ltd) for each and every project in the country and carry out the contract within that company.

This means that we don’t need importers or agents as we believe that we need 100% dedication for our products and that cannot be combined with other brands and products.​​