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ETF developed a new and innovative Mining truck range which combines the features of Large Haul Trucks and Articulated Dump Trucks. Because of the All-Wheel-Drive/All-Wheel-Steering capability, ETF trucks can operate in both Off-Highway and Off-Road conditions.


  • Modular Design
  • All-Wheel-Drive
  • All-Wheel-Steering
  • Fast Component change;  15 minutes for wheels, batteries and cabin. Complete axle-group changed in 25 minutes!
  • 95 % technical availability during full Life Cycle
  • Higher utilisation
  • Safer by design
  • Zero emissions and very low noise

Product range

ETF trucks have a payload from 200 up to 800 Metric tonnes per vehicle. Due to the modular design there always is a truck that meets the requirements of your project.

Increased Utilisation During Bad Weather

Production delays due to slippery roads during heavy rain or snow belongs to the past.

ETF Mining Truck Range

All truck types can be supplied in Haul Train Configuration and have All-Wheel-Drive, All-Wheel-Steering, ABS & Traction Control. All truck types also have the same width (7.6 m) and same height (6.3 m). So even the 800 tons truck can use the same haul road as a 200 tons truck. Operator comfort and safety considerations are now the best in the industry.

All major components are the same, the larger trucks only have more of the same major components (axles & wheels).

Narrower Haul Roads

All ETF trucks have All-Wheel-Steering therefore achieving a very short turning radius. All ETF trucks and Haul Trains only need a total road width of 24.16 meters. Compared to existing Large Haul trucks the roads need to be from 3.68 to 7.22 meters wider (depending on truck type)!

The smaller roads with ETF equipment results in More Mine Output of between 1,656,000 BC and 3,249,000 BCM and cheaper haul road construction and maintenance costs.

Higher Utilisation

Downtime for checking tyre pressures, topping up of lubricants and cleaning lamps and mirrors are tasks of the past. Now all is completed automatically during operation. Absolutely no loss of production in very wet slippery conditions, while conventional trucks would be parked until conditions improved, the fully integrated All-Wheel-Drive and ABS braking system fitted on ETF equipment makes full time operation of the fleet possible.

Superb Truck Stability

ETF is setting new standards in mining haulage. Stability issues with conventional Large Haul Trucks such as body swaying and frame cracking are now issues of the past. Haul road maintenance is not as critical as it is essential operating conventional truck fleets. Undulation on haul roads and loading impacts are absorbed by the advanced hydro-pneumatic suspension & oscillating axle fitted into ETF Mining Trucks and Haul Trains. Operator comfort and safety considerations are now the best in the industry.

Unique in the industry: Special wheels with rubber profile

One of the biggest limitations of current haul trucks are the tyres, besides the high costs of the tyres, the downtime due to flat tyres considerably decreases the Technical Availability of the current trucks. ETF’s new suspension system makes it possible to operate without tyres. All ETF equipment is fitted with special wheels with rubber profile.

No more flat tyres results in higher Technical Availability!

Higher Technical Availability

ETF obtains an extremely high technical availability percentage by exchanging components instead of repairing it on the vehicle. This means that the Haul Trucks can continue operation and the repairs of the components are completed in the workshop without the truck. Wheels, batteries and cabins can be changed in 15 minutes; ETF can keep stock levels of spare parts very low while always ensuring the right component is available.


Collision accidents will be considerably reduced because there are fewer drivers on the road.
Haul Trains are equipped as standard with:

  • ABS brakes and Traction Control on all wheels resulting in superb traction and steering on slippery roads. No jack-kniving
  • Sleep Deterrent System
  • Collision Avoidance System
  • 5 Cameras; reverse, mirror, forward and a roof-mounted loading camera
  • 5 Dual Range Radars & 2 Velocity Radars
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Enhanced Ergonomics and HVAC system

This is all done to reduce fatigue and make driving easier and safer.

ETF Trucks: the lowest cost per ton in the industry!