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Innovation up to emission-free mining equipment

In 2003 Eddy de Jongh started ETF.  The goal was to build a modular technical platform for mining trucks.

The name ETF was coined during a long flight from the Netherlands to Indonesia in which the marketingplan was also discussed. We had to choose a name!

From the original idea to start in the Emirates came the idea of ​​the name Emirates Truck Factory. Funnily enough, this name could also be associated with Eddy’s Truck Factory, so we could never let go of this name. It remained a short and powerful abbreviation that ‘stuck’. ETF was born!

From day one, a ‘nut’ was incorporated in the logo because of the modular concept where you literally have to be able to assemble and disassemble a mining truck with bolts and nuts.

The ways of founder Eddy de Jongh with some partners separated in the years that followed. But the core team of specialists and engineers, which started ETF from day one, has remained to continue to work on emission-free mining equipment according to its own vision.

The world is innovating and new technologies became opportunities for mining equipment. In August 2015 we started the design of a Battery Electric All-Wheel-Drive surface mining vehicle with Energy Harvesting. Zero Emissions & Low Noise. (No diesel engines or turbines, only batteries).

ETF HOLDING is a privately-held Slovenian company with no links to other companies, also using the name ETF.

Many press and professionals ask for the current status of innovation and development. Unfortunately we cannot answer all questions separately. With this new website and using all common online channels, we will now keep our followers up-to-date.